Monday, December 10, 2012

The Brotherhood's Choice

Last June I commented on the Islamic Brotherhood's election victory in Egypt. The current events in Cairo bring back those very same thoughts. I am still as optimistic about Egypt's transformation as I was then. Here is an excerpt from last June's posting.

.......Admittedly, there are many who are skeptical about this latter evolution (of political Islam). They consider that the new rhetoric of Islamic parties (including Morsi’s) is intentionally deceptive, and that soon we will see the “real face” of the brotherhood and of political Islam, and it will not be a pretty sight. Maybe so. We shall see. But that will not in itself decide the future of Egypt. I firmly believe that Egypt will not be subjugated again to accept dictatorial governments under any banner, including an Islamic one. The Egyptian people will not acquiesce to that.

There is no turning back. The collective mind of Egyptians has become conscious and will not be robbed of its will again. It is Political Islam which will undergo an adaptive evolution. Sure there will be fringe elements which may veer towards even more extremism and away from the principles and values of the mainstream. Such elements exist in all societies, even the most enlightened and democratic ones. But it is the mainstream that matters much more. And I read in Morsi’s speech the same positive evolutionary signs coming out from many mainstream Islamic parties and authorities over the past year, in Egypt and elsewhere. These are good signs. Good for them, first and foremost. Because if they don’t adapt to the values and principles and goals of the large majority of Muslims (and non Muslims)  these parties will shrink and even perish, much like endangered species which fail to adapt. Democratic governance in Muslim societies will win. Whether Islamic parties do or not, is much less important.

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